Girl Education in India

Myths related to Girl Education in India

Educating girls is one of the most effective investments for a country’s future that society can make. It not only leads to higher incomes for women but also benefits their children and community. Women who are more ...

July 25
Greatest Women in Indian History

11 of the Greatest Women in Indian History

Our historical records and archives are replete with names of great men who have left behind a legacy of immense contribution to humanity, for which they deserve the utmost respect. But sadly,there is hardly any mention of women

July 14
Side of Motherhood

The Different side of Motherhood

Postpartum Depression is becoming more and more common. An estimated one in nine new moms experiences it. But more alarming is that one in four women with postpartum depression neglects themselves and their babies.

Child Marriage

Child Marriage is weeding out the weak

Haridas Sharda, Ram Mohan Roy, and Savitribai Phule were some of the greatest reformers to fight against Child Marriage With the great persuasion of Harisdas Sharda, in 1929 “ The Child Marriage Restraint Act”, was exhibited to eradicate the evil...

Gender Inequality

Gender Inequality still a massive problem in India

Gender Inequality is something we all are aware of, yet what is spoken or reported about it? It’s been a while since we last read an article or newspaper headline on gender discrimination. But the truth is there are a billion ..

Domestic violence

Domestic Violence: The Silent Epidemic

Domestic Violence is a horrible crime that devastates family and cost billions each year. The best way to think of it is domestic violence is like an iceberg, with only the tip showing above water.There is so much that goes on behind closed doors...

April 20

Dowry still a Stigma in the Society

You all must remember that we used to write many essays and articles about dowry in our 6th and 7th class and then suddenly this topic vanished from the mainstream. While we thought that this evil practice has been eradicated from society but recently...

April 19
Child education

Need for Girl Child education in the present scenario

In the present scenario, girl child education in India is the need of the hour.With the growing number of educational institutions in Urban areas and parents enrolling their girl child in English Medium school, they are stepping ...

April 14

Myths related to Menstruation

A natural phenomenon in girls , known as menstruation, is often regarded with many myths and taboos.These taboos and myths exclude women from various social-cultural activities.These myths impact girls and women mentaly emotionally...

April 14