Frequently Asked Questions

Daughter Of Moon will send you report card of the girl child sponsored by you to keep you updated about her educational growth. Moreover, we will provide you a dashboard which will help you track the progress rate of your daughter.

Amount generated through donation is used for:

  • Providing special classes to the girls for their all-round development in every aspect
  • Purchasing material things such as stationery, school bags, uniform, water bottles, shoes, etc.

Daughter Of Moon accepts cheque payments and money through online transfer.

Yes, you can visit her; however, one of our volunteers will accompany you.

As per our Policy, one girl can be sponsored exclusively by one sponsor.

We select the girls according to the below listed criteria:

  • Girls born in underprivileged families
  • Girls who have uneducated parents
  • Girls living in backward and rural areas/communities

For sure they are. Daughter Of Moon follows strict measures to protect the privacy of its people. Under any condition or circumstance, your information won’t be divulged to anyone.

Since we are in our initial stage, our focus is limited. To assure nothing happens in hurry, we have planned to expand slowly and gradually. Once we achieve the purpose behind our cause, we will move towards providing secondary level education.

No! Daughter Of Moon welcomes more than one girl from the same family.

Thanks for the wonderful question. We would like to share that we have certain guidelines and procedures to confirm that the interested families are actually needy and unable to support education of their daughters.

Of course! Our team of Mentors will visit the sponsored girls and train them in specialized skills. These additional talents will help the daughters to spread their wings and prepare themselves for various competitions.

Yes, you can. All you need to do is send us a message and we will get back to you.

Definitely. You can pay at once for the girl you want to sponsor and get access to her educational progress for the time period falling under the amount paid. If you can’t continue at a certain point in the middle, you can make any of your known female the new sponsor.

We are sorry but according to our guidelines, males can't sponsor the girls. However, you can gift a girl to your mother, wife, sister or any other female relative. Owing to this, while the mother/wife/sister/female relative would be connected with the cause, you would become the volunteer.