Not For Sale

"She is not destined to be treated like a commodity, she is not destined to be assigned a price;

She is not meant to be sold to anyone, she is as precious as everything worthy and nice".

“Everything of value doesn't come with a price tag”, Daughter Of Moon believes in this popular saying in every way. We celebrate the individuality of females and have no patience for their trafficking. Giving them wings to fly inspires us; hence, apart from educating them, we strive to educate others that these angels should be loved and not used as a source to make money.

“Nothing can make a nation feel ashamed more than its inability to protect its daughters from the criminal hands”.

Root Cause Behind Human Trafficking

First things first, poverty is the main reason followed by desperation. Poor families have more kids and less finances, which without any doubt is the result of weak family planning, owing to lack of education. To beat the problem and earn some money, these financially weak families sell their daughters without thinking about their future and without thinking about the blood relation they share with these souls.

Moving on to the other reason, it is nothing else but children themselves who are not aware about their rights; hence, don’t seek out for help. Each year, thousands of girls are abducted and trafficked to be sold as domestic workers and prostitutes who are exploited, forced into drugs and abused in unimaginable ways.

Our Zero Tolerance Limit

“Today you can go online and buy a child for sex. It is as easy as ordering a pizza”.

Daughter Of Moon has always shown hatred towards this social evil. Female trafficking has many forms as well as many cruel intentions behind. From a distant land to someone’s home, it can exist anywhere.

Our cause enrols poor girls in schools to attain formal education along with vocational training to help them develop the needed skills and be the rulers of their own lives. We have a multi-dimensional approach that consists of raising awareness, supporting laws & enforcement and giving the needy girls resources & platform to get education, discover their legal rights and say no to any compromise with such horrible events of life.

"Our women are our pride, as they are God’s most precious creation.

Even in the worst nightmares, they neither deserve slavery nor exploitation".